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This can’t be right

My reaction to the past three debates have exactly mirrored America’s reaction overall. This never happens. Usually, I’m convinced that my guy totally ruled, and the next day I find out that America couldn’t get past his sighs, his lock box, or his seeming complacency about the hypothetical rape of his wife.

I’m scared, too, kids*…

*Genuine Simpsons Referenceâ„¢

Remember what Bush said he was going to do internationally? Have a good, rueful laugh:

You might also enjoy this moment of Bush cowardice. But, of course, I’m, wrong about how America took it.

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2 Responses to “This can’t be right”

  1. The advantage this time is that we have “instant flash polls”, before the pundits can pontificate. In past elections, the pundits would call the debate for the Repubs before the people weighed in.

    Now they have to alter their tune as the flash polls come in.

  2. “You need somebody in office who will tell the truth” – he never promised it was going to be him.

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