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Powell makes the case

This 6.5 min video from DailyKos edits together Colin Powell’s argument in favor of Obama with brief supporting clips from the McCain campaign:

Send it to the fence-sitter in your family. (Here’s a link straight to the video. Ans Mike Wendell, in the comments, recommends this one, without the intercuts.)

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4 Responses to “Powell makes the case”

  1. I think an unedited version of Powell’s endorsement would be a much stronger video to send. This edit takes things too far, what with the Letterman clips and such, and is likely to (in my opinion) turn off anyone sympathetic to McCain. Colin Powell is amazing, and one of the few Republicans I’d vote for with no hesitation. His thoughts about McCain and the Republican party, taken by themselves, without any editing, are perfect.

  2. This is the link I ended up sending to some friends…

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