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New issue of my (free) newsletter: JOHO, Oct 18, 2008


Exiting info:
As we exit the Information Age, we can begin to see how our idea of information has shaped our view of who we are.

The future from
What a 1978 anthology predicts about the future of the computer tells us a lot about the remarkable turn matters have taken.

A software idea: Text from audio: Anyone care to write software that would make it much easier to edit spoken audio?

Bogus Contest: Name that software!

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Last Thursday, I had a discussion with Charlie Nesson and Aaron Shaw at the Berkman Center about the first article in this issue. You can see some clips of the conversation here:

2 [Note: In this I misspeak and say info is noise; I meant to say that noise is info. I just noticed my error. Oops.]

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  1. Links look broken from here, Dave.

  2. Of course they’re broken, Luis! Do I look like the type of person who ever ever ever gets a single freaking link right?

    Sigh. I’ve fixed them. Thank you.

  3. No worries. Hope things are well in Cambridge and environs…

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