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Leader as teacher

I’m listening to Bob Kuttner on Fresh Air talk about the topic of his book, Obama’s Challenge. He’s saying that FDR led in part by seizing opportunities to teach us, including his very first fireside chat.

Interesting. We are certainly in a “teachable moment,” as they say. And we have a president-elect who is a learner and has actually been a teacher. I’m so ready to be taught. (Of course, I’m so ready for our new president to do everything that our current president can’t manage to do, including learn and lead.)

Here’s Peter Leyden’s talk in Copenhagen last month about how the Obama campaign used the Internet.

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  1. For a look at the not-so-good FDR, the new book on the Great Depression, The Forgotten Man, is a great counterbalance. In it, the author, Amity Shlaes, explores all the ways both Hoover and FDR made the depression the Great Depression.

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