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The worst day in Barack Obama’s life

Yesterday Obama received his first “Here’s what’s really going on” intelligence briefing.

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11 Responses to “The worst day in Barack Obama’s life”

  1. This could be a good quiz eh?

    Think up the zaniest intelligence briefing that Obama might have received.

    Here’s mine:

    “Yessir, Mr President Elect, as you probably suspected, the CIA in conjunction with, ah, certain associates of your predecessors, trained and installed a certain operative in Afghanistan precisely in order to conduct a false flag attack against the US so that we’d have grounds to establish bridgeheads and readiness to take control of the eastern European and middle eastern oilfields. It also has the coincidental benefit of providing us with a front to buy up all the loose ex-soviet Nuclear munitions on the market”

    “Oh, and sir, I think we’re going to need to take control of that oil quite soon…”

  2. Good Morning President-elect Obama,

    Let’s see, where to begin. Did you see the movie “Jerry Macguire”? Ok, good. Did you see the movie “The Giant Mantis”? Even Better. Now did you see the movie “Pride and Prejudice”? Good.

    Then I think we can explain this first chart.

  3. Mr. President-Elect, we don’t know how this happened, but Sarah Palin seems to have received this briefing before you did. So, yes, Alaska has been engaged in a secret air war with Russia, and Africa is now a country ….

  4. He may have been told any number of hair-raising things, but why should he assume that any of them were true?

  5. I have to agree that the worst of this administrations secrets will be kept from everyone, including the president-elect.

  6. SouthPark took a slightly different take on things…

  7. Link was:

  8. Crosbie’s idea was too good. I’ve turned it into its own post. Thanks, Crosbie!

  9. You stole my idea!

    Where’s my copyright lawyer?

    I deserve compensation goddammit!

  10. … assuming the intelligence agencies actually know what’s going on.

  11. Just last night i re-read Thomas Franks’ “Get Rich or Get Out” from Harper’s (June 2003) … an analysis of the rhetoric and presentation of the Bush Administration’s 2004 budget.

    Omigod ! The misinformation concealed in happy-clappy slogans and deliberately confusing pseudo-math made for deep structural changes in the funding (as de-funding) or a wide range of governmental infrastructure … and that was 4+ years ago. Look at what has happened since !

    Any substantive change that may be wrought by the Obama administration is going to involve digging up and re-constructing a fair bit of rebar-reinforced concrete foundations that will make the Republicans howl about spending (and pretend GW didn’t spend or reduce tax revenues … but of course as long as it is in the name of either defense or trickle-down economics IOKYAR).

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