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Obama v. Bush: Google counts

“George Bush”: 25M hits at Google (with the quotation marks)
“George W. Bush”: 48M
“Barack Obama”: 105M
“Obama”: 248M
“Bush”: 344M

Wow, that seems screwy! The combined total for “George Bush” and “George W. Bush,” after 9 years of coverage (campaign and presidency), and including two George Bushes, is only about 75% of the number of hits for Barack Obama before he’s taken office?

Either we’re really excited about Barack Obama or something’s gone wrong in my Google searches. Or, more likely, both.

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2 Responses to “Obama v. Bush: Google counts”

  1. You didn’t include “Barack H. Obama,” or “Barack Hussein Obama.”

  2. “Barack Hussein Obama” gets another 7.5M hits. I’m guessing that many sites that first call him that do not then call him “Barack Obama,” but just go with his last name for subsequent references. so many of these probably should be added to the total.

    The problem is that if you do Obama v Bush, you get all the plant references for the latter.

    Anyway, I’m not pretending there’s any rigor to these results.

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