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Obama appointments so good I thought I was being punk’d

Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach are heading Obama’s FCC transition team.

OMG. This makes me so happy. Not only are they amazingly knowledgeable about the issues, they also share Obama’s political temperament: Strong beliefs, an ability to listen, a respect for others that is manifested as gentleness, and a practicality that carries them past mere ideology.

Change is coming to the FCC.

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13 Responses to “Obama appointments so good I thought I was being punk’d”

  1. Jesus, I think I might be happier that Susan Crawford is doing this than I am that Obama is president. Really really happy.

  2. I m just sorry to see that he’s focusing on the internal policy
    leaving the foreign agenda to clinton and biden
    it make sense now but still, I would have hoped for more…

  3. Gianluca, the fact that he filled the FCC transition posts doesn’t mean he’s _focusing_ on the FCC. I would imagine that Obama is spending more of his personal time working on his Sect’y of State.

    Who would you like to see as Sect’y of State? Just curious.

  4. I know is a crazy idea but I would love to see Fareed Zakaria
    in that position

    again it’s a crazy idea

    I meant to say that if Clinton is confirmed she does have a different approach, a more XX century one if you like, to world affairs

  5. Werbach and Crawford are a good team.

  6. Richard, since I believe you disagree with Werbach and Crawford on at least some issues, I especially appreciate your saying that.

  7. They disagree with each other on some key issues as well, which is what makes them a good team. Anybody who satisfy both of them has to be a good choice.

    I’ve locked horns with Crawford on some fundamental issues, but there should be no doubt that her heart is in the right place and she’s got an ability to modify her positions based on new information. I have a lot of respect for both of them, and to the people who chose them for the job.

    One thing that should make everybody happy is the fact that we’ve got a couple of Internet people overseeing the FCC as opposed to telecom people.

  8. […] news that Susan Crawford and Kevin Werbach would head the Obama transition team for the FCC. (David saw that and exulted, too). I can’t adequately express what a good sign this is for tech-involved people. Even […]

  9. Definitely the right choice! I feel happy that finally some smart people reign supreme.

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  12. I was under the impression that the Obama transition team had a policy of not hiring lobbyists to work in the areas on which they were lobbying. Yet Susan Crawford, at least (and maybe others) is working on the FCC transition, even though she is listed prominently as part of the lobbying group Public Knowledge (which takes an extreme position on, and is lobbying for, Internet regulation). Crawford herself has also spoken in favor of regulating the Internet as a “utility,” which would destroy the very nature of the Internet. (It was designed as a loose federation of independently and privately owned networks with different policies, management, and terms of service.) Does the Obama administration realize that they’ve hired a lobbyist with extreme views to manage the transition of a critical agency?

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