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If spoilers were as incompetently directed and edited as Quantum of Solace:

Kwantom of Solars begins with this bigg car chase where it luks like a heliokopter is going to smash into a tunnel, but it turns out that the haliockropter is rally just where the camera is. Anyways, Jammes Bond lives at the end of the caar chase. Oh, but first there’s this carr chaise where three carrs are all the same, even the colorr is the same because they’re black, and they’re filmed like all quick and everything. So, one of the carz is going real fast, and another car is oh and there’s a truck, but it’s all smudgy in the shooting, so another carr or maybe the first carr is shooting at the second smudge and then the first smduge, no wait, it was the second no wait it was the third, well, no then the third smudge would be shooting at itself, anyway the blurry one is now the traffic is going the other way and there’s a truck and two of the smudges are clunking up against one and other, and wait one of them probully has Jumms Bornd in it and twank twank you here the zounds of them bullits twanking and it’s really exxciting what harppened?

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4 Responses to “[SPIOLERS ALART]”

  1. …and/or if revuze wuz writted by LOLCATZ!

  2. I saw it last night and was quite confused during the opening chase about who was in which car. You would think they could have found two cars of different colors somewhere in Europe.

    The next scene in the chamber was too dark to really see what happened and in the subsequent chase and fight (except on the rooftops) it was hard to tell who was who.

  3. Andy, I’m surprised at your comment. Clearly car #1 was Midnight Black, #2 was Velvet Black, and #3 was Black Opal!

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