Joho the Blog » Daily (Intermittent) Open-Ended Puzzle: Monty Python headlines

Daily (Intermittent) Open-Ended Puzzle: Monty Python headlines

Monty Python has announced that it’s making all many of its works available for free on YouTube. Yay!

What is the best Python-referencing headline for a post announcing this? “A hovercraft full of reels”? “Not pining for the fee(ords)”? “Wring out your dead”?

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11 Responses to “Daily (Intermittent) Open-Ended Puzzle: Monty Python headlines”

  1. And now for something completely different…

  2. Beautiful Plumage.

  3. Holy Grail reference: “And there was much rejoicing!”

  4. Comments and spam?
    Comments, video and spam?
    Spam, comments, ratings, video and spam?
    Spam, comments, spam, spam, video and spam?
    Spam, spam, spam..*chant* spamspamspamspamspamSPAM!

  5. btw, dweinberger, you posted this blog post twice. Is that a python reference too?

  6. this parrot is dead (as for the copyright parrot)

  7. What Cleese actually says is : it’s a kind of “have everything”, a comprehensive collection that’s kind of sorted and cataloged and labeled.

    IMHO “have everything” means “lots of examples” but not “all”.

    IMHO, that’s a big difference.

  8. Hanan, I’m afraid that you’re right. I mis-took the “have everything” comment, I believe.

  9. “Let’s go t’ the stoning”

    (~ direct feedback via comments & co.)
    (life of brian)

  10. I wanted to make a headline out of “Listen, strange women lyin’ in ponds distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcicial aquatic ceremony!” but it just doesn’t work.

  11. “This is a cheese shop, isn’t it?”

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