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Eve Online and the future of e-democracy

An article in PC Gamer is titled: “Birth of a Nation: Does Eve Online’s Budding Democracy Represent the First Virtual Sovereign State?” Well, no, because the Council of Stellar Management that as elected by gamers does not have any real authority. Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating case of governance…and hard to generalize from. That is, it’s a great example, but I’m not sure of what.

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  1. It’s a great example of a way for a company to involve it’s opinionated, passionate user community. You only need to pop into the EVE forums or surf the blogs or podcasts about EVE to see how people in the game are really opinionated. Whenever something changes in the game, there are plenty of people who threaten to leave the game – and there are plenty of people who are very cynical on the forums about CCP’s interventions.

    (Funnily enough, I read this post while waiting for my shields to recharge during an EVE mission, which for some reason I’m playing when I should be writing about Russell and Strawson etc.)

  2. A much better (but less popular) example is A Tale in the Desert, a MMORPG where players construct an Egyptian civilization from the ground up. The creator of the game created a complex legal and political system whereby players got to elect demipharaohs with enormous power and also pass certain legislation within the game that actually changed the mechanics of gameplay. If you’re interested in virtual sovereignty, definitely check it out!

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