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LibraryThing vs. Library of Congress

Vincent Sterken has posted his master’s thesis, which examines to understand the dynamics and utility of social tagging. It begins with an exceptionally clear backgrounder on tagging and taxonomies, and then moves to a fascinating exploration of LibraryThing’s folksonomy, including a comparison of how LibraryThing’s community and the Library of Congress classify books.

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  1. I don’t think that books will disappear cotpeemlly. The E-readers have taken over the occasional readers market, but the market for “paper books” is still huge. Pages like Abebooks make huge profits from antique and used books. The European consumer of books is much older that regular American readers and don’t always feel comfortable with electronic devises. Publishers realize this and I don’t think they will stop printing books. The price will rise, but the market is still too attractive.

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