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Black Friday

Last night, my family and my brother’s family went to the outlet stores in Clinton CT at midnight when they opened. Or, let me be precise: At midnight we were waiting in the line of traffic sprawling out from the parking lot. We got one of the last spaces, and it is a bi-ig freaking parking lot.

The quarter mile of outlets store were jammed. People were lined up outside of popular stores, such as J. Crew, waiting to get in so that they could buy preppy t-shirts announcing their support of J. Crew and all that he (?) stands for, and then wait 20-30 minutes to pay for it.

I don’t know what this says about the economy. Maybe it means we’re not feeling as poor as we should. Maybe it means that we’re feeling so poor that we’ll line up to get a bargain. Maybe it means nothing.

But it sure was a pain in the ass. um, I mean, it was a shopatravaganza!

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6 Responses to “Black Friday”

  1. It means most of us are still “consumer” idiots… and “smart” suites – from Wall Street to boardrooms – will always find ways to “create” wealth for themselves… and poverty for everybody else… no matter who the President is.

  2. We’ve been lining up for 20-30 minutes/years/decades to give anyone who’ll take it responsibility for bad outcomes resulting from stupid decisions we’ve made. Many of us think well but act indulgently. We have bad financial habits. We do as we will and then whine for help, as people and corporations. It will end soon, but I don’t know how… the Mayan calendar ends in 2012…

  3. Nice picture – now if you are interested in the post Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales and a slew of pre-Monday sales you can check out [A HREF=”’]Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals[/a]

  4. The worst part was the stop-and-stop-and-rarely-go traffic trying to get OUT of the parking lot. It took us 30 minutes to leave. EEK! I was astounded-appalled at the lines waiting to get in to some stores, including Coach, where even with a discount (and I think they had additional discounts then, but I am not sure) their merchandise still seems vastly overpriced.

  5. I guess you don’t celebrate this holiday.

  6. No, Mark, I celebrate Buy Three Pairs of Underpants for $2 Day.

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