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The Webby administration

What really thrills me about the new question tool the Obama administration has posted at is not the tool itself — although I like it very much — but the webby way it was introduced: Put it up, see what happens, adjust it as necessary. Imagine this approach applied by the federal government off the Web when appropriate.

I also like that the explanatory text for the “Skip question” button is “meh.”

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6 Responses to “The Webby administration”

  1. This is using google moderator ( A free tool google made to showcase app engine. Awesome they are using tools like this!

  2. Change!

    I love open government, where “open” really means “no questions we don’t like, but it looks open”.

  3. James, there were plenty of nasty, negative questions when I checked this afternoon.

  4. The question is the easy part.
    Getting a real answer is the hard part.

    From this perspective, the evangelists substitute easy questions for hard answers. There’s a lesson in that :-(.

  5. Like David says, “James, there were plenty of nasty, negative questions,” the subtext of most being “I’m really pissed Obama got elected.” Not so much about how to elevate the level of discourse or improve our government and our country.

  6. Interesting counterpoint of view

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