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Dead Chumby

Here’s what my Chumby looked like last Channukah when I got it:

new chumby

It was sort of fun, but priced about three times higher than its worth, at least to me. And, amazingly, the single most obvious widget — the one that might make it price competitive — doesn’t exist: Plug in a USB drive and have it show the photos that are on it. (It does show photos from your Flickr account.)

Anyway, my Chumby died yesterday, almost a year to the day I got it. I performed a Chumbectomy but was unable to resuscitate it. Here are its innards, for those of you who’ve wondered:

chumby insides

chumby insides

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2 Responses to “Dead Chumby”

  1. I suspect that as an unlicensed Chumbectomist you have voided the warranty.

  2. Ditto on that. impartial Commission please.

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