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Christmastime for the Jews

I love mornings. The hour before my family gets up is so quiet and calm. No phone calls. Just a cup of coffee and a keyboard. Ahhh.

That’s how the days before, during and after Christmas feel to me as an American Jew.

Oh, I could do without the cultural assumption that we all celebrate Christmas. I could do without the decorations in every mall and in most towns. I could do without the endless cycle of Christmas jingles. Most of all, I could do without the secret belief that Jews really do enjoy all that Christmasy stuff. The truth is that this Jew does not.

But, at least it all culminates in a couple of days of quiet and calm. Christmas is a lovely time of the year for Jews in America, not because of all the decorations and the ho-ho-ho’s, but because it takes the Christians off the streets and shuts the whole place down. While Christians focus on the sweetness of their faith and deal with passive-aggressive fruitcakes, our calendars are empty and our cellphones are mute. Beautiful.

(PS: NBC has carefully removed the perfect SNL short, Christmastime for the Jews, by Robert Smigel, from YouTube for copyright reasons, thus immensely benefiting NBC’s bottom line. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Jerks. (And if NBC has in fact posted it, I hereby preemptively apologize.) [Ten Minutes Later: See Comments 1 and 2 for the apology])

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9 Responses to “Christmastime for the Jews”

  1. David,

    NBC has moved all their stuf to

  2. Please activate my Emergency Preemptive Apology.

  3. I just posted a Muslim thought on the same here:

    Happy Hanukah.

  4. I enjoyed your post, Islamoyankee. Thank you!

  5. thanks god I remember the video from last year

    all snl videos are banned outside the states

    should be the same for Christmas

  6. What, no Chinese food and a movie?

  7. Sounds sort of like August, not at the beach.

  8. Agreed. Driving around Boston on Christmas day was maybe the first time I’ve enjoyed driving there, ever.

  9. Uaw, do you know people abroad don’t have acess to stuff published at
    This is weird…

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