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Doc Searls – Washington Post photographer

Not that Doc needs validation by the mainstream media, but I still think it’s pretty cool that the Washington Post has snagged one of his photos off of Flickr to illustrate their article about Dean Elena Kagan being selected as Obama’s Solictor General. (Of course that’s Jonathan Zittrain behind her.)

Dean Kagan is beloved at Harvard Law. Deservedly.

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One Response to “Doc Searls – Washington Post photographer”

  1. I can’t believe the Washington Post made such a bad editorial decision in choosing that photo. Two basic “rules” in choosing a photo is naming everyone in the caption and not choosing a photo that doesn’t prominently depict the person of interest. This photo clearly violated both. Also, although Dean Kagan was in the front, the camera’s focus was on JZ. As there were a ton of other great solo photos of Dean Kagan taken by Doc, it mystifies me… or rather, doesn’t make sense.

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