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Should Telco 2.0 be Telco -1 ?

Ken Camp follows up on his follow up to his provocative post that says that Telco 2.0 is not a winning idea. He compares telcos to five attributes of social media companies:

Five words that do not describe telecommunications or the telecom industry – Participation, Openness, Conversation, Community and Connectedness. The industry, the whole construct of that framework is to control four of those by ensuring there is no community in the first place. To embrace community is not to become Telco 2.0, but to create something entirely new.

Ken worked in the industry for twenty years, btw.

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  1. David,

    Thanks so much, both for reading along and noticing, and for taking the time to mention the posts. It’s an issue I’m very passionate about, although there are sure days when I wonder if anyone hears. Finding your post was a real encouraging highlight. Thank you.


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