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An online movie I want to watch

Video games have gotten one rev away from awesome. While the graphics on PC games are not yet truly photo-realistic, they are good enough that, in the hands of superb graphic artists, they are not only immersive, they are stylistically interesting. Bioshock is a terrific example of this. Far Cry 2 is realistic enough that you want to pull over and watch the scenery now and then. The new Call of Duty is visually good enough that killing Nazi and Japanese soldiers was too gruesome. The human figure, facial expressions, and even dirt and dust are getting very close to being good enough for drama.

So, here’s the movie I’d like to see using these tools. It’s a drama, possibly a mystery. Multiple narrative threads and interdependencies. All set within a single city, or in sites that I can teleport between (unless travel becomes more rewarding than it is in most games). I want the characters to enact the plot. And I want to be free to wander around the city, eavesdropping. I want to be a ghost, a disembodied eye and set of ears, a camera, moving around the room where characters are now interacting, choosing where to look and who to listen to. The first time through, I’m not going to be in the right spots at the right time. Eventually, though — and perhaps with some guidance from the plot or extrinsically (“Go here now!” arrows) if necessary — I will see and hear everything, and I will understand what happened.

I don’t want to interact. I don’t want to choose my own ending or help characters find the key or move the crate. I want to watch a movie, but be completely free to move through its settings as I want. And, perhaps the software will let me record the movie as I’ve seen it, and share my path with others.

I wouldn’t know how to write a movie like this. Maybe it can’t be done in a way that makes for a satisfactory experience. But I’m curious. I’d like to see one. [Tags: ]

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  1. Imagine a public virtual world that is revised like Wikipedia. One could create a virtual world that re-enacted the Lord of the Rings. People could via machinima-style acting record all interactions that occurred in every part and every moment of the story – even creating those elements Tolkien only vaguely alluded to, or even left out. The most popular enactments would be retained, leaving the other alternatives selectable.

    The movie version would simply be a particular camera path for a particular set of time-lines through the re-enactment model. Umpteen alternative movies could be made.

    And of course, ‘readers’ could visit this re-enactment as if an invisible time-traveller.

    We just have to abolish copyright first…

  2. What you’re describing we were discussing at IBM media labs long time ago, in 1997,1998, almost word by word :). When MPEG compression was widely accepted and DVD prices started dropping. But –

    “We just have to abolish copyright first…”

    Such movies should be done by the public. With current “professional” methods and union-controlled protocols it’d be too labor intensive and expensive.


  3. That’ interesting. Something I would know “explorative narrative”.
    Something is definitely moving in this direction. You should check out Six to start’s in which you can find a novel told with a Google Maps mash up.
    And probably Heavy Rain, a game that share a lot with your vision (though is still interactive and playable).

  4. The latest rendering of URU almost fit this bill (as a game though, not a movie), when it was on GameTap, the only thing it lakced (which the fans cried out for) was the ability to go back and relive the plot of each episode. Since it is switching to open source, maybe something like that won’t be far off. It’s not as photo-realistic as Myst or Riven, due to limitations

    You may also want to check out, something I’ve browsed through before, but haven’t had the time to contribute to. It seems like a project where you can be led down many rabbit holes, find them all interconnected, and loop back around to find more of the story.

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