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Request for Feature: Keynote & Powerpoint

How about if there were a magical shape we could draw on top of a slide that would magnify what’s under it? So, if you were showing a slide of a screen capture, you could invoke these shapes to come and go, enlarging the elements to which you want to call attention.


Yes, not an entirely appropriate use of the term, but I find it an amusing youthicism. Its marginal appropriateness in this case is that I’m acknowledging that I’m talking into the wind when it comes to making product enhancement suggestions. And, yes, now the footnote is longer than the post. kthxbye.

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6 Responses to “Request for Feature: Keynote & Powerpoint”

  1. Hey David – Have you seen this? pptPlex is a Powerpoint add-in from Office Labs that allows for infinite zooming on your slides. Thought this was kind of what you were looking for. (PC only)

    – Kris

  2. David, I had not seen the “term” kthxbye (I know how surprising that is) until now. When I googled it, most of the items suggest it is derogatory. Is that what you make of it?

    This is from faq
    What does “kthxbye” mean?
    “kthxbye” is a slang term formed from the phrase “Okay. Thank-you. Good-bye.”, part of the jargon-filled shorthand commonly used in online chat and on message boards by devotees of online games. While it can be a cheerful salutation, it’s generally used sarcastically as a condescending and dismissive insult (“Thank-you for your useless contribution to this discussion, now please go away”).
    Trivia: the earliest occurrence of the word in Google’s Usenet archive is from February 1998.


  3. Andy, I meant it as a sort of self-contempt. As I understand it, it’s a bit like “what-ev-er” as a conversation ender, but not as nihilistically dismissive. Sort of a “I got it, but it makes no difference,” or, as they say at the deli counter when one complains that the corned beef looks fatty, “Next!”

  4. At the online deli counter, it’s knext.

  5. I haven’t seen the OfficeLabs offering, but in PowerPoint, there is a custom animation capability for Emphasis that will Grow/Shrink an object on the page. So, you could have a normal slide wtih this animation and OnClick would grow the image in question.

  6. Keynote also has a shrink/grow animation, but that’s not exactly what I want because that scales the entire object. I instead want to be able to run my magic magnifier over, say, a screen capture, and have the area under the magnifier be magnified. Imagine running a magnifier over a page of newsprint. That’s the effect I want.

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