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Am I Blocked or Not?

The Berkman Center has launched, a site that lets you report sites you can’t reach, aggregating reports from every other Herdict user, to paint a picture of the openness of the Net.

You can join here. (And see Eszter Hargittai‘s better explanation of it. We’re both using as the title of our posts an aptly-named URL — — that takes you to a page accessibility test at Herdict.)

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4 Responses to “Am I Blocked or Not?”

  1. I’m glad this has launched. It’s actually helpful for sites like MetaFilter so that people can tell if the content they are trying to share is blocked by weird geographical boundaries [like BBC in the US or Comedy Central in the UK] as well as to figure out who is blocking what.

  2. am chekeing bloked or not

  3. guess what fuck u

  4. I lived in the middle east for saeervl years and I did not try to blog my views or make a difference; I tried very hard to blend in and become unnoticeable. Which for me, as you might imagine, is difficult indeed, and even harder when you’re the wrong sex, the wrong color, the wrong religion, the wrong influence from those in charge. It was a scary reality to live the fact that I could be taken off the streets because somebody felt like it, and there was nothing I could do about it. It was very much all about someone else having and maintaining very tight control over my environment. I cannot even imagine having the kind of courage to stand up for my beliefs at the possible expense of my personal safety. But it did make me keenly aware (and unspeakably grateful) of the freedom we have here in this country, and the importance of speaking our minds, and sharing our community input. Intellectual property is a fight that seems to be fought not so much at the individual level as it is the corporate or organizational level. It seems to be a very top down thing. Instead, I think the scarier thing (for The Authority) is the bottom up movement, because bottom up cannot be controlled. And really, closed versus open is really about who has the control, isn’t it?It’s a bit like living in Pandora’s Box. Once you start questioning why it’s closed, the draw to openness and shared control is addictive and powerful. I’ve lived closed and censored. It’s like not being able to breathe. I prefer the freedom of openness and the ability to share the control. On a smaller scale, I still seem to fight the closed and censored. I don’t think you ever forget it.

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