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Announcement from the Sunlight Foundation or St. Sunlight, as I think of it:

Washington, DC -Today, the Sunlight Foundation announced, a grassroots campaign to create a more transparent government by calling for all non-emergency legislation to be publicly available online for at least 72 hours before Congress begins debate. Joining Sunlight in supporting its effort is a bipartisan group of individuals and groups, including Newt Gingrich, Joe Trippi, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Citizen and the Federation of American Scientists.

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3 Responses to “RTFB”

  1. Thanks, David, for posting this! A couple of points:
    — The Sunlight Foundation has an online petition for this purpose. It’s to the point and easy to fill out.
    — I looked over the PDF (13 MB) of the bill linked from and the boilerplate language and governmental typesetting is just mind-deadening. How hard would it be to make a text-only version available? Would any meaningful content be lost? (I would think not.) Then we citizens could search and quote and abstract it and get some discussion going on specifics of the legislation. I’m glad Joe Biden is on the watchdog case, but, umm, mightn’t he need some help?

  2. Getting it in XML so it can be machine-processed would be very useful, and the site promises that it’s working on that.

    In the meantime, I did a craptastic job of converting it to plain text, which you can access here

  3. and now I’ve found it here:

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