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Beware the Military-Halitosis Complex

Cold war, the cult of expertise, the broadcast metaphor, scientism, chaste kissing…why this one’s got it all!

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5 Responses to “Beware the Military-Halitosis Complex”

  1. The only question from a non-American: Is this for real from archives or a joke?

    And thanks for your wonderful posts. Da (..Miscellaneous) book is on the table in the 2read pile. .. Looking forward to that.

    & BTW. Please consider adding a WordPress extension that enables email subscribing to comments. One that many I know use is .

  2. Теперь прийдётся делать выводы ;)

  3. It is, I believe, completely for real.

  4. And, Jaaakko, I’ve added the plug-in to let commenters get email notification of additions to the comment thread. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Essensen af sandheden, jeg har ikke forstÃ¥et de grundlæggende, mÃ¥ske den kvalitet og forsvarlig summeres ….:)

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