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The Google Book deal

I just heard Robert Darnton on On The Media talking about the Google Book settlement. (Sorry, but I don’t yet see a link specifically to that interview.) Brilliant. The two things I’d recommend reading about this massive and massively important deal are Darnton’s piece in the NY Review of Books, and an article by James Grimmelmann.

The book settlement is hugely complex, hugely important, and overall a big step forward. But, the ur-cause of the issues many of us have with it is that it’s a settlement among authors, publishers and Google, which leaves readers, scholars, teachers — AKA the rest of us — out.

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2 Responses to “The Google Book deal”

  1. I’ve been following this (as a reporter and Authors Guild member), and my only problem is that Google will provide only one terminal for each library branch in the country. So the Seattle Central Library, with 10,000s of daily visitors, will have one free terminal. It seems like the license should have been broader and population based.

    Of course, libraries will be able to purchase relatively inexpensive licenses we are told; pricing has not been disclosd.

  2. […] Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive, and the instigator of an open access effort to scan books, has a good op-ed in the Washington Post about the Google Books settlement (some links). […]

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