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And now, medieval music for cockatoos

I love the dancing cockatoos.

And I love the research that’s found a connection between animals with language skills and animals that can dance.

But I wonder what it means that cockatoos probably can’t dance to most of the music our culture has created throughout its history.

Canconier by Canconier

Did it take until the 20th century for us to de-evolve music to the point that cockatoos could dance to it?

(Note: I also love Magnatune, and the occasional Monty Python reference.)

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3 Responses to “And now, medieval music for cockatoos”

  1. Did Snowball learn this by watching the owners, or did s/he (I can’t tell the gender-is there a way to tell from a picture) develop the movements on her own? I suspect that classical music doesn’t work so well because the beat is not so loud and overwhelming.

    There is another creature in a cage on the left also moving with the music.

    Our parakeet sometimes whistles in imitation of what we have taught him and says things we have repeated, sometimes sounding exactly like my wife. He also makes conversation-like sounds in imitation of the radio he hears.

  2. I like the birds, I like the link to the research, but you know what is really cool? The extent to which this research built on “data” gleaned from thousands of youtube videos. imagine trying to write the research grant, or operationalize the method, without all of that free, crowdsourced data? Not to mention the bandwidth and hosting provided – for free – by YouTube. I wonder how long before other scientists start making use of these kinds of data sets? I wonder if we couldn’t see some pro-active data collection efforts, just like we have been able to engage the public in data analysis (e.g., the SETI and other initiatives)?

  3. Really too well, he dances (in rhythm) and in addition sings he, the perfect artist to a certain extent. thank you, very much amusingly

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