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To me, the coolest thing about going all social media on us is not that it shows that the White House knows about this stuff, or even that it understands that we now want the news to come to us. It’s that at the White House Facebook page, the comments are turned on.

I do understand why the site has been reluctant to allow us to leave comments on the official site. Oh, sure, you can fill out a form and submit it, but this knowingly commits the Fallacy of Scale, i.e., believing that anyone is going to read your message. We want at least to be able to read one another’s messages. But, I assume the staff is afraid that open commenting on White House blog posts will enable situations that are sticky beyond escape. What do you do when people get racist, anti-Muslim, and all around stupid? There are answers, but none are as good (from the White House media point of view) as not enabling the problem in the first place.

So, now is cross posting to its Facebook page. If you want to comment, go there. Because it’s not the White House’s site, trashy comments don’t littering the White House lawn. Facebook allows to distance itself sufficiently from the commenters to enable commenting. It’s a great step forward.

The next step: should respond to some of the comments, either in the comments area or in blog posts themselves.

Meanwhile: Well done,! Well done.

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15 Responses to “ turns on the comments. Sort of.”

  1. And probably just as relevantly, FB comments are attached to (typically) real identities, which tends to lead to higher quality comments than anonymity.

  2. How far is it from FB to FBI? Really.

  3. para mi el presidente de los estados unidos es un heroe no de fantasia como lo sueñan los niños sino como yo lo veo y lo siento , por la historia tan cruel de su raza que por siglos fueron vajados,maltratados y explotados en este siglo se convierte en el presidente de la primera potencia mundial.felicidades, como me gutaria estrechar su mano.

  4. suerte y fe

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  6. oh they will get tons of tons nasty comments i think

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  11. ya yeter artik ne yazacagimi sasirdim sizin yuzunuzden?

  12. Thanks for the in-depth article. I can tell you put a lot of work into this one. Thumbs way up.

  13. I am happy to find result here in the post, thanks for sharing.

  14. It’s a great article posting online. I do support white house should open for all comments. Becuase we are free society. We are all equal. We have freedom of spech. Please respect our constitution. Thanks.

  15. Very interesting. I didn’t even know the white house was on FB. I guess I’m behind in the times.

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