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n00b guide to digital photography

PC Magazine has a useful guide to taking your digital camera off automatic.

David Sifry’s 2007 guide to buying a digital camera still gives good guidelines, although the particular models he recommends are of their day. tells you how to use a piece of paper to vastly improve the results of flash photos. (via Tim Bray) And here’s a way to make a diffuser for your built-in popup flash. (I haven’t tried it.) Here’s one for $20, which I also have not tried.

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  1. Bounce techniques can be great to soften the lighting and avoid red-eye. Some flash attachments have built in ways fo doing it, instead of using a bounce card. With any bounce, though, you need to be sure the ceiling isn’t too high and that the color of the ceiling does not impart a tint of its own. The latter is not a problem with a white ceiling, and most are white, or close.

    The film container diffuser looks like a good idea-now all I have to do is find a film (what’s that?) container.

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