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Degenerative computing

Here’s a future I fear:

Apple comes out with the iBook, a netbook that’s also perfectly designed as an e-book. It’s a Kindle-killer because it’s an actual computer, as well as being way cool in the way of things Apple.

Apple extends its App Store approach to this seemingly semi-special purpose device: The only apps you can get have to come through Apple.

The Apple iBook becomes a huge success. It is the future of reading the way the iPod is the future (well, the present) of listening.

The iBook replaces many laptops. It becomes the primary computer for many people.

Thus we go from generativity to locked down computers.

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4 Responses to “Degenerative computing”

  1. David,

    Don’t worry.

    1) I don’t think iPod is “the present” of listening.
    Do not know the numbers. Just trust my kids – replaced their iPods with Sansa’s, Creatives etc. They say – iPod is crap. I believe them.

    2) Apple always acted as they act today. App Store is not the new idea. They always liked more “controled market” than “open market”. And they failed to PC – a thing that does not belong to any corp. – and it is succces. So they will fal too.

    3) We all put freedom above snobbery of Apple. My friend writes apps for iPhone. He gets only fraction of what he should get. In due time, Apple will pay for their slyness.

    4) I like Apple products. I hate their policies.

    5) I llok forward to see more open minded Apple board.


    1K-1 :-)

  2. I don’t like Apple products, for different reasons, first, the price.

  3. It’s unlikely to be called an iBook:

  4. Many of us have disliked Apple’s policies for many years, and have put our energy into other tech ecosystems.

    Freedom is the coolest cool, the most different think.

    — stan

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