Joho the - Symbolic of what's right with the Obama administration - Joho the Blog – Symbolic of what’s right with the Obama administration reports that has opened to “mixed reviews.” Puhlease. It’s nowhere near what it will be, but OH MY TOASTY GOD, our government is now committed to making public data available in open formats to anyone who wants it. As if it were normal! As if it were obviously the right thing to do! In open formats, people!

So, sure, let’s keep an eye on it. Let’s make sure the news permeates every government department. But first let’s swoon in delight.

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  1. I know. I think I teared up a bit just looking at it. I haven’t lived through many administration changes in my life, but things like this amaze me in how quickly something can change. This legitimately seems driven from within, and on a subject that I think would have been a complete non-starter in the previous administration.

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