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My kid’s novel is now an e-book

My $100 Million Dollar Secret, my novel for young adults, is now available for free on your Kindle. In fact, it’s available in multiple e-book formats, thanks to ManyBooks. It’s available there because it went through ManyBooks’ rigorous vetting process, which consisted of me filling in a form that basically required me to say “Wanna list my book?” I submitted it in html format, and ManyBooks converted it to a dozen other formats. Thank you, ManyBooks! And, yes, at ManyBooks you’ll find many books worth reading.

You can also read it for free online, or download it in .Doc or .PDF formats free at its own site. You can also get a paper copy (and pay me a couple of bucks) at Lulu, where it has sold well into the low dozens of copies.

The book is about a kid who wins $100,000,000 in the state lottery, through a contrivance because his parents are philosophically against the idea of lotteries. Because he’s a good kid and gets along well with his parents, he decides he will not lie about having won it. But he doesn’t want to acknowledge that he (more or less inadvertently) bought a ticket. So, he has to hide the fact that he now is rich. The book is about him figuring out how to spend the money, and more importantly, what good money can do.

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4 Responses to “My kid’s novel is now an e-book”

  1. I bought a copy of “The $100 Million Dollar Secret” on and was delighted both with the book and the lulu experience. I’m shocked that it’s sold so few copies. Clearly, e-books and download have a long way to go. The culture of “free” is indeed pervasive.

  2. David,

    Is $100 Million Dollar Secret available in audio format?
    Being too busy in my life, I mostly read by listening.

    So far I had chance to buy Cluetrain in audio.
    Two other of your books (Small pieces and Everything) I only could get as hard copies.

  3. Mirek, given the pathetic number of copies I’ve sold (I have no idea how many have been downloaded from my site for free), there’s no chance any publisher is going do an audio version of it. You can always use Kindle’s text-to-speech feature, though.

  4. I must try Kindle and check the quality. For some time I use some other software that can get pdf and produce audio mp3. However, the artificiality of the generated voice makes me sick after an hour of listening.

    I still remember Dick Summer rendering of Cluetrain…

    well, I understand, I will still try $100… this way or another.

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