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Microsoft out, Quicken in

Microsoft has announced that as of June 30, it’s no longer going to sell Microsoft Money because the ecology has changed, diminishing the need for products of that sort.

Quicken has announced that as of this summer, it’s going to start selling Quickenan updated version of Quicken for the Mac.


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One Response to “Microsoft out, Quicken in”

  1. I thought Microsoft only MADE money, and didn’t sell it. :) (How do you underline in comments?)

    Quite a coincidence. If I were an antitrust lawyer I’d really want to see the phone records and trip logs of these two over the last few months.

    Luckily, I’m a Quicken user, so I won’t have to worry about importing data. I’m not sure what has changed to eliminate the need for these programs, and I guess Intuit hasn’t noticed either.

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