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Ten small steps we can all take to help save the planet

I believe that to save our planet, there’s no need to make big changes in our lifestyles. For example, I happen to be able to fall asleep only in the passenger seat of an idling Hummer. So shoot me :) I like to think I more than make up for it with the small steps I take every day to save energy and end pollution:

I wear a solar-powered watch, saving close to 0.0006 millivolts every week.

Whenever possible, I jump into the same revolving door segment as the person ahead of me, resulting in a vast savings in the exchange of inside air for outside.

Combined shampoo-conditioner saves gallons of water every day. But don’t forget: Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

House rule: When the bedroom air conditioner is on, you must take off one of your blankets. No exceptions!

When I leave my computer on overnight, I make sure that it’s showing some non-intensive page, such as the Wikipedia entry for Jerry Lewis, as opposed to the Wikipedia page about the Large Hadron Collider, whatever that is!

I cut down on carbon emissions by taking two in-breaths for every out-breath.

Now when I dream I can fly, I no longer leave contrails.

I’m not a “tree hugger.” That’s silly. Much better: I carve key lines of “The Secret” into them.

Save water! Shower with a friend! For twice as long!

I route my “gray water” directly from the kitchen out into the garden. TIP: To show your support of the environment, do what I do: I dye that dingy water a pleasant green.

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5 Responses to “Ten small steps we can all take to help save the planet”

  1. I think someone should calculate the reduction in global warming achieved by covering one’s dark roof in a white or mirror finish.

    After all, the primary net contributor of energy in to the Earth is the Sun, not the release of fossil fuels (a momentary blip in geological time).

    You might find that a householder can reflect more energy back into space than they release in fossil fuels in a lifetime.

    Energy from fission (or fusion!) should probably be regarded as another net contributor along with the Sun. Perhaps the contribution to global warming can be another case against the use of atomic weapons? (for those not already convinced by the ethics) I wonder how much energy has been introduced by all bomb tests (and uses)?

  2. Very funny. Well done. Losing that extra blanket is a tough one, though.

    I would add to read more Hemingway and less Faulkner.

  3. I leave all of my computers on and run networked simulations of growing plants. I figure if enough people join me, we will reach a critical mass wherein artificial green life will spontaneously emerge, eventually covering the planet with cool, soothing carbon sinks.

  4. start with no showering and no laundry and all those other “social” obligations drop off realy quicklike.

  5. Years ago I stopped shaving and I feel I saved Mws of energy since then.

    And I always think that when Chinese government blocks their clients from HEAVY pages being transmitted, they must have been doing so to save energy.

    How about Twitter and blogging in this context ?


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