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Refrigerator Jones

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An unexpected jump in U.S. durable goods orders last month backed hopes that the economy was healing, but news from the hard-hit housing market remained mixed.

In case you were wondering how long Americans could put off buying that new fridge, we now have the answer: About ten months. (And apparently the time spent resisting the urge to buy that new iPhone: 0.)

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4 Responses to “Refrigerator Jones”

  1. I realized, just this morning, that the interior light bulb in my 25-year-old refrigerator has never been replaced. Think I’ll wait for the bulb to go before getting a new fridge.

  2. My old GE fridge works great. No excess of buttons or controls to do the simple task I want from it.
    My new iPhone replaced a wrongly-named ”smart” phone of another type, and it’s been life- changing. No excess of buttons or controls, does what I want it to do…
    I don’t expect it to last 30 years though (or eleven for that matter).

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