Joho the was hacked, now is clean - Joho the Blog was hacked, now is clean was hacked by dirty stinking bad-hackers so that it was spewing Xanax ads. We think this was an XML-RPC exploitation. It’s now fixed (thanks Brad Sucks!), and I’ve asked that it be reviewed by so that it will no longer be put behind a warning page. Sorry if this has inconvenienced any of you.

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3 Responses to “ was hacked, now is clean”

  1. XML-RCP !? How awful !

    Jonathan Zittrain’s “Saving Internet” comes to mind and his fantastic discussion of generosity of our computer, web servers, protocols, web itself… Where do we go?

    Should we abondon the openness (I reckon you use XML-RPB just for it) for more security?

    Jean Baudrillard comes to mind with his thesis that the main reason for terrorism is… the open, modern society itself…

    Shoudl we abondon it for longer life ?

    Mirek’s personal view: No !!!!!!!!!
    BTW when I’m here: Can’t find any video from 10th Anniversary of Cluetrain event at Berkman. Any chance to watch it anywhere?

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  3. Seems the comment #2 is another example of something I hate – blog spam ….

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