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Brad Sucks latest album for free — and Brad still gets paid!

NOTE: The 50 copies are gone. Took about an hour.

I’m trying an experiment with a business model I like to call a reverse referral fee. Here’s how it works…

You click on a link that lets you download a copy of Brad Sucks’ latest album, Out of It. The album of wonderful music is yours for free in every sense. (Share it! Please!) But, I’m going to pay Brad for each copy downloaded, at a bulk rate he and I have agreed on.

This offer is good for the first fifty people who download it. After that, you can buy a copy on your own. Of course, Brad also makes his music available for free (in every sense), but don’t you want to support a truly webby, big-hearted musician who’s giving us his talent free of copyright, studios, and DRM? Doncha?

So, if you want to be one of the fifty, click here for your free-to-you-but-not-to-me copy of Brad Sucks’ Out of It.

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14 Responses to “Brad Sucks latest album for free — and Brad still gets paid!”

  1. This is an awesome idea and very big-hearted of you. Thanks!

    Do you think this can scale? Or is this idea limited to free culture nerds?

  2. hey david,
    listening now. super cool!

    thanks very much for the very kind gift!

  3. I got here from Mary Hodder’s tweet. Will listen to it today (but also curious about how this experiment works for you and for Brad).



  4. Joey, I honestly don’t know if it scales. It’s really a form of fan-as-patron. So, I don’t know if it scales, but it should be replicable pretty easily.

  5. you own him another download :)

    I’ll try to contribute too, making another video for one his great songs, everything counts, no ?

  6. I will pay you a dollar if you will fix the apostrophe in the “Brad Suck’s” posessive in your post. Paypal okay?

  7. And what does he have to pay you to fix “posessive”? :) We all have finger slips from time to time. And where does my question mark go-inside or outside the quotation mark? I don’t know.

  8. Jessamyn, you owe me dollar’s’s

  9. iirc, I still have your address. Do you take checks?

  10. by the way
    listening to this album
    is extremely well crafted,
    even better then the previous somehow
    I m not a music expert but I do recommend it

  11. […] on a bulk price, I rigged up a special download link he could distribute and he twittered and blogged it: I’m trying an experiment with a business model I like to call a reverse referral fee. […]

  12. Snagged it via your link… Thanks!


  13. […] didn’t just want to get more people to listen to the band Brad Sucks, he decided to pay Brad money for the first 50 people who downloaded his album. Brad Sucks has long been a big supporter of free business models, and eschewing copyright as being […]

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