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My PDF talk on facts ‘n’ transparency

Link. (The video embeds my slides, but (1) they get more and more out of order in this YouTube; they were in the right order when I actually presented them. 2. My font got lost somewhere in the translations, and so there’s a fair bit of mis-sizing, text overflows, etc.) (I posted about one of the ideas in the talk (transparency as the new objectivity) here.)

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One Response to “My PDF talk on facts ‘n’ transparency”

  1. Fantastic talk !!! and the post explaining it.

    I sometimes ponder – how far can we go with such concepts of objectivity, or, going a step further – with such concepts of truth.

    For example, how transparency could save us from syndrome like, say, social desirability bias – when so many people fall into some “unobjective” thinking about certain facts….

    BTW, I watched youtube movie with the lecture, while on the plane from Paris – good remedy for the fears of turbulences in the air :-)

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