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Tags again

Jeez, it would save me a lot of time if Keynote (or Powerpoint, if you insist) let me tag slides and objects in slides (especially images). I spend way too much time looking for that slide of a “smart room” or the one that shows business vs. end-user use of Web 2.0, or that photo of an old broadcast tower. (Later that day: Maybe I should add, having just rewritten the Wikipedia entry on Interleaf, that back in the early 1990s, Interleaf gave us exactly that capability.)

Instead, I have two hacks, both a pain in the butt. First, I keep a humungous file of slides I think I’ll want to use again. Second, I’ve started putting tags into the speaker notes by putting the tags in brackets. But I use the speaker notes to speak from, so larding them up with tags is sub-optimal.

And especially if you save Keynote files in the pre-2009 multi-file formats, then it’d be a snap for third parties to build tools that extract the tags and manage them. (I have a fussy home-made utility that extracts the text from the speaker notes and builds an editable file of them. If you want it, let me know.)

Tags are easy! Tags are useful! Let tags be tags!

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2 Responses to “Tags again”

  1. Interleaf required sparc … putting it out of reach for most … unless you were a Bell Labs programmer … who didn’t write any documentation anyway…

  2. My point wasn’t that Interleaf was for everyone (it did, btw, eventually ran on PC’s … very big PC’s); it was that tagging isn’t a new or radical idea.

    I don’t know if Bell Labs programmers had Interleaf licenses, but lots of tech doc folks did, back in the day.

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