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New Mac, and cloning BootCamp XP

Because one of our children needs a new computer, I’ve ordered a brand new 15″ MacBook Pro … for myself. Our child will get my current MacBook 13″. Don’t look at me like that! I’m more of a power user than our child is. And I’m older. Also, I’m paying for it. But mainly it’s a totally rational decision that happens to work out in my favor.

I know that setting up the new Mac will be simple. I’ll plug my old one into the new one (I’m getting a firewire cable that’s 400 on one and 800 on the other, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll connect through the ethernet ports) and the new Mac will suck the life force (= my user directories ‘n’ stuff) out of the old one.

What will really take some time is rebuilding my Bootcamp Windows XP partition: Reinstall XP, and reinstall the few apps I use. (I am still using Microsoft Money, waiting for the new version of Quicken for the Mac, which keeps getting postponed.) I’d much rather clone the old Bootcamp partition onto the new machine. So, I looked around and found Bart PE and YouTube instructions for burning a Bart PE boot disk. I believe I now have to make a disk image of my current Windows partition, save it onto a USB hard drive, and then, well, I don’t exactly know, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe.

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5 Responses to “New Mac, and cloning BootCamp XP”

  1. Hi David;

    I have had great success using Sun’s free and open VirtualBox ( to run Windows on my Mac without having to boot onto a separate partition.

    Moving my Windows environment to a new machine is now trivial. I can even move it to a Linux box or a Windows machine since VirtualBox works nicely on them.

    You should be able to use something like Clonezilla ( to save an image of the current partition, and then fire up clonezilla again in a new VirtualBox VM and restore the image.

  2. I agree w/ Brent. Virtualization is the way to go!

  3. Thanks, but since I want to use Windows for gaming now and then, I want a partition I can boot into. (I currently use VMware for running XP while booted into OS X. Works very nicely, but not for gaming.)

    I couldn’t get Bart PE to compile a boot disk . I’ve saved a disk image of my current XP partition (with DriveImage XML) and am hoping that I’ll be able to restore it after I reinstall XP. Sigh.

  4. It may still be worthwhile to look into VirtualBox. They have had OpenGL 3D acceleration since version 2.1 and have early support of DirectX.

    Here’s a forum post that seems to indicate that there are some quite popular games that are reported to work very well with it:

    I don’t know how Parallels or VMWare measure up, but VirtualBox seems to take 3D acceleration seriously.

  5. David

    Google “winclone”. This is a free OS X app that will create an image of you Boot Camp partition and then allow you to restore it to your new MacBook Pro. Do this before you migrate the OS X user data and it’ll come over with all the rest.

    Good luck.


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