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Berkman Buzz

The Berkman Buzz this week:

* Peter Suber takes stock of open access in 2009:

* John Palfrey reports from a reader privacy event:

* danah boyd argues that privacy is still very much alive:

* Fernando Bermejo wonders aloud about flash cookies:

* Future of the Internet puts out a HIT about worker satisfaction:

* Difficult Problems in Cyberlaw looks for a fight:

* CMLP tries not to cut itself on the First Amendment:

* Doc Searls connects the dots of the Content-o-net:

* OpenNet Initiative ballparks the number of Internet users being filtered around the world:

* Weekly Global Voices: “More websites banned in Myanmar. Global Voices banned too”

* David Weinberger reacts to Hillary Clinton’s Internet speech…

* …and Ethan Zuckerman weighs in as well:

* Internet & Democracy reads that the Kremlin tells governors to blog:

* A year ago in the Buzz: “Inauguration Day Online”

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