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[2b2k] Possible tag line?

I’m liking this as a tag line for “Too Big to Know”:

Skulls don’t scale.
Networks do.

But I’ve gotten some reactions saying that “skull” sounds too “Spinal Tap”-ish. I like it because skulls are so bony, and thus you can see why they don’t scale. But I’m open to improvements….

6 Responses to “[2b2k] Possible tag line?”

  1. Brains? People? Individuals?

  2. how about the self-scaling of the networks within the sculls?

    this tagline is pithy, with an element of pattern-interruption: as I re-read it, there seems to be a natural “still point,” “breath-hold” after the “sculls don’t scale;” akin to climbing up on the roller-coaster; and then comes the plunge into the punch-line “networks do.” Effective and memorable.

  3. Mutating …

    Networks don’t numb.
    Skulls do.

  4. I dunno… Skulls are so iconic, and not in a good way. Granted, it would be eye-catching.

  5. Wray: nice!

  6. vertebrates don’t scale yet
    networks do

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