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Customer satisfaction surveys that are totally unsatisfactory

I’ll skip explaining exactly why Citibank is impossible to deal with and how they are screwing up my credit by having created a fictitious account for me [see second comment for an update] and then sending it to a collection agency without ever having sent me a bill, and how multiple calls and escalations have not fixed this because Citibank’s various parts don’t communicate with one another, so getting it resolved with, say, the Customer Service folks remains invisible to the Personal Credit Destruction people.

So, last night, I spent another 20 minutes with Citi on the phone, talking with people who simply could not help me. They are fine folks doing their job as best they can, but they can’t see the computer files they need, and they can’t change the ones they can see. Citibank is broken.

Today I got a robocall from Citi asking me to complete a telephonic survey about my satisfaction. Hahahaha. But, in typical fashion, the questions pertain to the customer support person. How satisfied am I with her? Fine. She did what she could. But she couldn’t do anything because Citibank as a system sucks so bad. I’m not going to trash her because Citibank makes it structurally impossible for her to do her job.

If Citibank asked the right questions, it might find out just how broken it is.

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  1. I have similar problems with “customer satisfaction” surveys (none with CitiBank). They do not, as you indicate, want to find out how they as an organization are doing and it is not right to blame the person who tried to help.

    Maybe this is a case for the Attorney General if they are making up accounts, or maybe just mentioning that in your letter to the CEO of CitiBank would get some action. (My dad was a lawyer). :)

  2. Follow up: After another hour on the phone, including one escalation, and a transfer to the fraud dept., it turns out that the phantom account was one we started many years ago, have not had a card for for years, and I’m pretty sure was cancelled years ago. (They say it was cancelled this Sept., which makes little sense to me.) We’re waiting for a bill (at last) to see where the charges are coming from. So, that’s progress.

  3. Agreed on Citibank, we had an account in Australia for a number of years and climbing out of it, closing it all down and getting balances transferred was a nightmare..

    But Andy is astray in thinking that better questions might help Citi find out how broken it is. I don’t think they care and all of the surveys and “this call may be recorded” BS has one aim in view; to screw as much out of their customers and staff as they possibly can.

    They didn’t necessarily set out to create broken systems that cost their customers a fortune, but it turns out to be a great way to enhance their bottom line as they adminsiter the death of a thousand cuts.

  4. Companies like surveys that a machine can collate the response from for them.

    Less and less do I see “Any other comments” or satisfaction forms. We jsut bought a Mazda car. We are happy with everything, the company, sales person and the car. But their survey was so hard to complete. The text was so small when I had to fill in my log in number etc.
    But there was no way to tell them this. I had expected another screen but whosh it was over with no “Any other comments”.

  5. I recently completed a Marriott survey that did allow for a comment at the end. However, since most of the survey questions were related to issues that were not a problem and therefore received a satisfactory answer, I expect no one read the comment which dealt more with Marriott policy issues. I have long given up hoping to have any effect on corporations. Airlines, rental car agenices, hotels – I find I have no choice but to accept what is offered. I can certainly change brands – but to no true impact – only my own inconvenience. I have relatives who work for Citi. Good income. But not necessarily happy workers. I digress.

  6. I am pretty sure Citi is set up this way deliberately, There are people on top who are very smart, and don’t think for a minute it is an oversight. I have a mortgage with them, after months of calls and holding and speaking with various “experience supervisors” and so called managers.. there was never anyone who could actually fix the problem with my Escrow, It was maddening, always ending up being blamed on the computer or system. I got the biggest run around and I have a new view of corporations iI was going to use legal methods, but it would cost me more than the $300 due that still shows on my bill after 2 years of trying to fix it. so I left it there.
    If you want to see what I mean, and have a Citi mortgage, send them a “qualified written request” (Google the term) and ask them for any question you want. and you will recieve the same unintelligible computer print out of your mortgage payments and payouts. that not even the smartest accountant I know could make sense of.. It is all an auto pilot computer run giant with a bunch of Indian call centers with people trained only on how to talk on the phone to calm you down as you get the run around till you give up or pay up. Ludicrous!

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