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Berkman Buzz

This week’s Berkman Buzz,, as compiled by Jillian York:

  • Dan Gillmor [twitter:dangillmor] mulls over Facebook’s latest announcement: link

  • Ethan Zuckerman [twitter:ethanz] shares some thoughts on libraries in the digital age: link

  • Alumna Rebecca MacKinnon [twitter:rmack] offers suggestions on U.S. Internet freedom policy: link

  • Radio Berkman 168: Rethinking Music, Part I – Creativity, Commerce, and Policy: link

  • VozMob (Mobile Voices), co-founded by Fellow Sasha Constanza-Chock [twitter:schock] , wins a World Summit Award: link

  • Weekly Global Voices [twitter:globalvoices] : “Cuba: Fiber Optic Cable May Not Bring Greater Internet Access” link

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