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Three predictions

Someone on a mailing list I’m on asked the list to come up with predictions for 2011. Here are mine:

1. The Atlantic runs a cover story showing that the entire Cognitive Surplus (as per Clay Shirky) created by the Net has been squandered by a massive increase in masturbation.

2. Arrival of Forbin Project/Skynet comes one step closer when airport X-ray scanners are discovered to have spontaneously reinvented ChatRoulette for themselves. (Bonus prediction: 2b. At least one Republican Senator and/or Televangelist is “outed” when he is recorded telling a TSA employee “I think you missed a spot.”)

3. AOL wakes up, feels its long beard, and is “wondrous amazed” at all that has changed in the past ten years.

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  1. funny david.. i always hate those end of year prediction lists but figured you’d actually do something clever and fun. thanks for delivering.

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