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Erred watching

Erred watching is like bird watching: You get excitedly happy when you spot a new, rare error message.

I’ve spotted two in the past twenty-four hours.

One was a problem with PDAnet (which turned out to be trivial to solve) that put a line into the Console for which there were zero Google hits: “CDaemonCon 2 exits”

This morning, my Mac refused to boot. Instead of showing me a gray apple on a gray background, it displayed a circle with a line through it (“prohibitory sign”) on the gray background. It did this even when I tried to boot from an external disk. Apple seems to think this is a software problem, although I would have thought that it would have booted from the external disk. But maybe there’s something wrong with the external one.

Anyway, I’m very excited to have spotted these two rarities in their native habitats. Of course, when I have to reinstall all my software and realize all the stuff I had not backed up, I may be warbling a different tune. (It’s a new machine supplied by work, and I have been keeping all my files in the cloud. I think.)

2 Responses to “Erred watching”

  1. No (digital) evolution without mutations.
    Up-chirps, down-chirps.

  2. I think there are really times that even your unit is that new it will just give you hell of a problem, I really am very have doubts if all those brands out there really will work out fine.

    Nolan from disqueuse double lame

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