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Effect of DDoS on human rights

Ethan Zuckerman has an excellent post about the new Berkman report on the use of Distributed Denial of Service attacks to silence human rights groups

Here’s an abbreviation of Ethan’s summary of the “take-aways”:

  • DDoS is a pretty common form of attack against human rights and independent media sites, and the volume of attacks does not appear to be slowing.

  • DDoS doesn’t usually affect independent media and human rights organizations in isolation.

  • Attacks don’t need massive amounts of bandwidth to adversely affect sites.

  • For many organizations, DDoS can be a crippling attack, making sites inaccessible for long periods of time..

  • We see no silver bullets for the independent media and human rights community.

One Response to “Effect of DDoS on human rights”

  1. What is really human rights? I really do question this especially to those serial killers. Do they still have the rights to live inside prison bars with all those free meals that the government is giving them? How a bout the ones that they have killed did they think of them to live? I think that human right should have all those exceptions for one.

    Addisyn from matelas à eau 

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