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Ronnie Simonsen, RIP

I just heard that Ronnie Simonsen died.

I knew him, a little, because he was one of the campers at Camp Jabberwocky [more posts] and Zero Mountain Farm. The loving obituary in the Boston Globe captures much of what was remarkable about Ronnie, but I knew him inextricably embedded within his summer community. Like some ideal post-racist world, in this community, people do not see disabilities. I cannot think of him apart from their loving and fully mutual embrace.

Every year the campers make a movie, an exercise in play, joy, and friendship. Here’s the Return of the Muskrats, starring Ronnie. I — we — will miss him.

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  1. I would think that the people who knew him will definitely miss him. I know that this guy lived his life with the love of the lord and is very kind with his peers. I hope he will find peace in his other life.

    Elizabeth from jante tôle 

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