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The Alien App Store

I had a dream last night that we humans have to get all our goods through an AppStore established by our new alien overlords. But the aliens don’t quite understand what our various goods are for. My dream then took on the form of an Internet meme in which we posted photos for them, trying to explain the problems.

Annotated photo for Alien App Store

(Photo: (cc) JimboSowers @ Flicker)

One Response to “The Alien App Store”

  1. Similar to the issue that the Beverly Hillbillies had with golf balls.

    Granny: I’m going to stay here and do something sensible. I’m going to boil these golf eggs.

    Jed Clampett: Say mister, could you tell me where I might find some greens?

    Walsh: What do you think you’re standing on?

    Jed Clampett: By doggie, somebody done cut them so close to the ground, there ain’t nothing left.

    Walsh: You mean greens to eat?

    Jed Clampett: Yeah, I promised Granny I’d bring her home some to cook tonight.

    Granny: Would you like a golf egg?

    Leo Durocher: A what?

    Granny: A boiled golf egg. Boiling them made them kind of rubbery. That yolk is black as coal.

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