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Stupid lawyer tricks

I’m greatly enjoying not only Cory Doctorow’s bang-on response to a truly dumb, threatening legal letter, but the BoingBiong reader’s comment thread about it. [SPOILER ALERT: Is Academic Advantage a scam or is not Academic Advantage a scam? You can decide for yourselves whether those three words — Academic Advantage scam — belong together.]

4 Responses to “Stupid lawyer tricks”

  1. It is Academic Advantage, not Achievement.

  2. Oy. I’ve changed it throughout. Thanks!

  3. I would say, academically, there is no advantage to having your name attached to a scam.

    An amazing legal letter and equally amazing response to Doctorow’s column.

    Makes me ashamed that my father was a lawyer (but he was, in many respects, the opposite of this kind).

  4. Joho the Blog » Stupid lawyer tricks…

    Joho the Blog » Stupid lawyer tricks…

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