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Shuttle XS35 bios 1.09

I may come back to expand on this post, but for now: If you are looking for the 1.09 bios of the Shuttle XS35 so that you can get the [email protected]#$-ing wifi to work, I’ve placed a putative copy here. There’s an explanation of how to install it here. Please note that I am still in the process of trying to get the bios installed, so I cannot vouch for the integrity of the bios or of the instructions. Proceed at your own risk.

(If it’s not clear from context: The Shuttle mini-computer claims to come with wifi, but it needs a bios update to v1.09 get it to work, and the only version on the Shuttle site is 1.08. There are a few copies of 1.09 strewn about the Web, but mainly at shady “free updates” and “free bios” sites that send you on a self-circling clickfest that may or many not have any exit. So I found a copy – which may or may not work – and have posted it.)

Later that night: It worked. The wifi is on. But it really shouldn’t be that hard, and Shuttle ought to ship it with a working bios, or at least give us the updated one and the instructions we need.

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  1. I tried to access my office AT&T phone and answering machine remotely today for the first time since I got it in July 2009. My secretary had tried and failed. I read the directions carefully, as she had, and I failed. The directions say that “when the answering system answers, enter” the remote code. If you do that, the machine ignores you. What it meant to say, is “when the answering system completes giving the message and is awaiting your speaking” then you enter the code. I tried this because it is mine and if it broke it would be my fault, not hers. You would think they could give a reasonable explanation of how to do this.

  2. Worked for me. Thanks! I’m going to post a link back to this thread in the ubuntu forums.

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