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Damn fine quicky lunch

Here’s a lunch I’m enjoying. I call it Fried Rice Omelet, because that’s what it is.

  • Take last night’s fried rice. (Surely you had fried rice last night!)

  • Spray a pan with some oil and heat it up.

  • Dump in enough rice to cover the pan. Heat it until it’s hot.

  • Cover the reheated fried rice with some egg beaters. (I suppose you could use real eggs if you scrambled them first.)

  • Cook for a minute or two. Before the eggs set, flip the rice over.

  • Serve with soy sauce, and Siracha if you want a little heat.

Serves: It depends how much you make.
Calories: Yeah, I guess.

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  1. I use olive oil; scramble the eggs a little; use whatever leftovers are in the fridge; and use hoisin or TryMe Dragon sauce instead of soy. Always makes too much, and I always eat it all.

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  4. Substitute the rice for matzah, and voila! You’re the groundhog who didn’t see his shadow and it’s an early Pesach!

  5. A friend shared the following recipe years ago and we have this almost every morning for breakfast.

    Start with Bob’s Red Mill Organic gluten free Rolled Oats.

    Place raisins and red grapes into the water while you are boiling it and before you add the oatmeal. This adds natural sweet flavors to the oatmeal.

    After the Oatmeal is cooked, add two tablespoons of Stonyfield Organic Blueberry Yogurt.

    Sweeten further with Maple Syrup and Cinnamon.

    Oatmeal is a wonderful cholesterol lowering grain but by itself it tastes like soggy cardboard. So you can control how much natural sweetness you add to this heart healthy breakfast.

  6. Reminds of mom’s in-house famous leftover spaghetti, fried the next day in some butter til it was almost burned in a black cast iron skillet. No surprise that I am still a carb loader.
    ( Dave is one of my brothers. So to borrow a quote from my other brother, yes, I am related.).

  7. Joho the Blog » Damn fine quicky lunch…

    Joho the Blog » Damn fine quicky lunch…

  8. Omurice!

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