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Why so little blogging?

It’s been a slow week on this blog because I’m doing a final read-through of the second draft of “Too Big to Know.”

Last week I finished accommodating my editor’s comments. He gave it an extraordinarily helpful reading, focusing mainly on making sure my arguments make sense and are clearly expressed. So, it was a challenging rewrite.

Then, having focused on the arguments, generally at the paragraph and occasionally at the section level, I really wanted to re-read the entire thing to check for page-to-page flow — and to have more of the reader’s experience of the book. (Reading it the way readers may read it is the greatest challenge writers face. Or maybe I’ll just speak for myself.)

I’m about two-thirds of the way through and hope to finish this weekend, although I have a family event on Sunday that may keep me from that goal. Also, as I’ve been giving it a supposedly quick re-read, I have stopped in a few places to undo the revisions I’d made, which is a little discouraging.

Anyway, within a few days I hope to have unloaded it back into the arms of my patient editor. Then for me it’s a three-week binge of sensual over-indulgence. Or, possibly, working in my office in the basement of the Law Library.

3 Responses to “Why so little blogging?”

  1. And coming back to your blog after some time I was just about to ask you what is the plan for the book to be on shelves.

    Seems it is now only several weeks – Am I right ?

  2. Oh, Mirek, you’re so funny!

    No, the time between final draft and publication is measured in many months. And the draft I submitted last night (Mar 13) isn’t final unless my editor says it’s final.

    The book is still slated for Fall, 2011.

  3. I see, now I recall you have already told me about the plan for fall.

    That lapse is due to high expectation from your faithful reader :-)

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